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​​Quality of life is very important in Cologne. The city is renowned for its residents’ open-minded, tolerant and positive outlook on life. The arts, c​ulture and the media hold pride of place in this metropolitan city on the River Rhine. Tourists continue to flock to the city’s many museums as well as its numerous world-renowned sacred buildings, with Cologne Cathedral standing out as Germany’s most visited tourist sight.
The greater Cologne region ranks among Europe’s most important economic regions. Its central location in Europe and its excellent integration into the continent’s road, air and rail transportation networks highlight its locational advantages. The city benefits from a diversified and innovative sector mix as well as the co-existence of large companies and highly productive mid-sized firms. Cologne looks back on a long tradition as a centre of trade and industry, most notably as a location for the chemicals industry. In recent decades Cologne has also expanded and consolidated its position as a centre of the services and logistics sectors while at the same time making a name for itself as an innovative media city. Being the world’s most heavily used inland waterway, the River Rhine plays an important role within the local transportation and logistics infrastructure. By any measure, Cologne is among the most interesting German markets for commercial real estate investment.​​