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​​​Hamburg is one of the most attractive business locations in Northern Europe. The structure of the local econom​y is dominated by the services sector, which provides some three quarters of local employment. Notwithstanding this dominance by the services sector, Hamburg is also an important manufacturing centre.

The membership register of the local chamber of commerce lists more than 120,000 companies and small businesses, many of which are active in innovative growth industries. Port operations and logistics, life sciences, aerospace as well as media and IT are among the particularly strong sectors. In addition, the city’s specific strengths lie in renewable energies and trade with Asia and China, in particular.

The port of Hamburg symbolises the city’s centuries-old tradition in overseas trading. Hamburg’s advantageous location and efficient infrastructure have been instrumental in the development of this metropolitan region into a central hub of commerce for the Northern European region. By any measure, Hamburg is among the most interesting German markets for commercial real estate investment.