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Metropolitan region Rhine-Ruhr

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your real estate consultant in the metropolitan region of Rhine-Ruhr

The Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region is made up of several close-knit major cities. After Paris and London, it is the third largest metropolitan region in the European Union and home to approximately 5.1 million inhabitants.

This leading location for companies in the technology and service sectors in Germany emerged from the former steel and coal industries. Last but not least, thanks to extraordinarily good logistical networking, it is home to the headquarters of 15 of the 100 best performing companies in Germany. World famous corporations, such as RWE, Thyssen‐Krupp, Evonik Industries, Klöckner, Aldi and Hochtief are the region's economic beacons.

Art and culture, leisure sports and entertainment have taken over the sites once used by industry and found a new home, and particularly the UNESCO world heritage site Zollverein adds to this region’s special character.

The densest university landscape in Europe lies in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, comprising around 600 degree programs at five universities, one art academy and another 22 colleges of higher education. Finally, thanks to the high density of trained specialists, the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region has become one of the most sought-after business locations in Germany.