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Chapter 1of Retail 2020 - Executive summary

​Over the next ten years, the whole global retail landscape looks set to experience a period of dramatic change. Whether owner or occupier, landlord or retailer, conditions are going to be tougher in the coming decade than they were in the previous ten years – but there will also be massive opportunities for those who can ally quick, radical action with impeccable judgement.Our Retail 2020 research considers and analyses the key trends in global retail: how overseas expansion – particularly eastwards – looks like it should reap rewards, but with certain important caveats; why the growth of the mobile internet and social networking, coupled with increased choice, means that customers are cleverer and more right than they’ve ever been before; how the baby boomers are collecting their pensions, how Gen Y is superseding Gen X, and the changes retailers need to make; why the internet has turned shopping on its head, and what physical retailers need to do to fight back; why customer experience is absolutely everything; and much, much more besides.

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