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Food Retailing in Transition/germany/en-gb/research/1536/food-retailingFood Retailing in TransitionThe following study takes a look at the history of the food industry as well as the current challenges.
Prime Residential Market Report Germany October 2016/germany/en-gb/research/1524/prime-residential-market-report-germany-2016Prime Residential Market Report Germany October 2016The report introduces residential investment in Germany with a focus on the high-quality apartment sector.
Outlook for Student Housing in Germany - July 2016/germany/en-gb/research/1516/outlook-for-student-housing-in-germanyOutlook for Student Housing in Germany - July 2016Student housing in Germany is perceived as a strong growth market with a positive outlook for the next years.
Business Sector Trends for Law Firms - July 2016/germany/en-gb/research/1515/business-sector-trends-for-law-firmsBusiness Sector Trends for Law Firms - July 2016​​Since offices are a big part of their cost base, trends in the prime office market have a direct affect on a law firm’s bottom line.
Sector Trends for Consultancy Firms - January 2016/germany/en-gb/research/1490/sector-trends-for-consultancy-firmsSector Trends for Consultancy Firms - January 2016Analysis of the consultancy sector's behaviour on the office letting market
Berlin’ s start-ups becoming established office users - October 2015/germany/en-gb/research/1467/start-ups-berlin-october-2015Berlin’ s start-ups becoming established office users - October 2015Detailled analysis of the impact of Start-up companies as important drivers of Berlin's economy and the city's office market.
Risk Seesaw - 1st half-year 2015/germany/en-gb/research/1421/risk-seesaw-1st-half-year-2015Risk Seesaw - 1st half-year 2015Illustrates the influences it expects to see on the investment market for office and retail property and show the opportunity-risk ratio of an investment.
Investing in Germany/germany/en-gb/research/1419/investing-in-germany-2015Investing in GermanyThis publication will help you achieve your goals and minimise legal risks during the whole life cycle of your real estate investments, wherever your investment strategy takes you.
Expansion Destination Germany - 2015/germany/en-gb/research/1381/expansion-destination-germany-2015Expansion Destination Germany - 2015The report analyses the presence of international retailers in Germany.
The Journey of CRE Part 2/germany/en-gb/research/1382/the-journey-of-cre-part-2The Journey of CRE Part 2The Journey of Corporate Real Estate in EMEA Implementing successful CRE transformation in Europe.