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DREAM - Dynamic Real Estate Analysis Monitor

What does DREAM offer?

DREAM is an innovative approach to tailor-made scoring and ranking of German property markets. At present, DREAM is available for the use types Residential, Retail and Office. It is comprehensive and comprises all of the more than 400 German administrative and urban districts. In total, more than 50 indicators from different thematic clusters are available.

Why is DREAM different?

In contrast to conventional inflexible rankings, with DREAM the markets can be specifically selected and only these can be compared to each other. Regarding the indicators, DREAM enables a customized selection of the measured variables.

What kind of analyses can be performed with DREAM?

DREAM identifies and rates:

  • strong markets with long-term perspective
  • dynamic markets
  • markets with strong historic or future performance
  • markets with opportunities.

DREAM helps to find answers to the following questions:

  • How does a portfolio compare to the national average?
  • What is the best market within a portfolio?
  • Which market will develop dynamically in the next years?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of particular markets?
  • Which clusters can be identified, i.e. are there any markets with similar attributes?
  • Are there any hidden champions?
  • Which allocation provides an optimal distribution of core and opportunity markets?

Example for a fictive residential portfolio

Your Value

  • profound and objective analysis of markets and Portfolios
  • Flexibility regarding the selection of indicators, their weightings and the timeframe, and therefore offers the highest possible individuality
  • A unique combination of socio-demographic and Real Estate indicators

We would like to present DREAM to you in an individual consultation!