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Residential News 2/2016


Low dynamics in rental prices in the second half of 2015 - condominiums with some continued sharp price increases

In the second half of 2015, the upward trend in rental prices slowed slightly in the eight German cities under observation. In the two largest cities of Berlin and Hamburg, rents stagnated in the second half of the year; Munich as well recorded only a small increase. In the remaining cities, the rental growth was 1% in Cologne, 2% in Frankfurt and 4% in Düsseldorf.

On the other hand, the development of condominium prices was much stronger in the respective cities, albeit with slightly lower growth rates compared to the first half of the year. With more than an 11% increase, Leipzig had the highest increase in the second half of the year. In Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart, growth of 4% to 6% was observed.

Sales in the transaction market rose in 2015 to a new record level of approx. 25 billion. Of this, every fifth euro was invested in Berlin.


Residential rental/purchase prices 10% 25% Median* (50 %) Development since H2 2014 75% 90%
Rental price (in €/sqm/month) 9.20 10.85 12.95 5.2% 15.30 18.70
Purchase price
for condominiums
(in €/sqm)
2,160 2,930 3,950 1.3% 5,010 6,270
*Median rent: 50 per cent of the listings are above 50 per cent below this figure.
Building activity 2014 Annual percentage change
Building permits 3,704 -30%
Building completions 2,972 1%
New housing demand 3,890 n/a
Transaction market 2015 2014
Frankfurt (in € million) 780 330
Germany (in € million) 25,000 12,900
  • Development of rental prices (median in €/sqm/month)

  • Rental price bands for condominiums

  • Development of purchase prices (median in €/sqm/month)

  • Purchase price bands for condominiums

  • Housing supply and demand for new buildings

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