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Shopping Center Management

Worlds of experience for customers, lucrative for tenants

​An inviting atmosphere and a relevant tenant mix are key to ensuring that shoppers enjoy lingering in malls and shopping centres. This is why our Shopping Center Management service is geared to raising the attractiveness for the benefit of owners, tenants and consumers alike.

Our services range from commercial and technical management to property analyses and revitalisation concepts, from letting management to retail advisory. Our management activity always aims to optimise the overall concept in terms of the tenant mix. Even more importantly, we work to enhance the shopping experience, as it determines tenants’ potential sales and, ultimately, the owner’s rental income.

Our shopping centre managers and letting specialists operate in the shopping centres which they manage. If and when required, they can draw on our nationwide expertise in the areas of project design and development. They also have access to retail experts based in our regional branches. Our shopping centre managers monitor and analyse the market environment of their centres.

They develop letting concepts, recruit tenants for vacant space and ensure that a functioning letting management process is in place. Their tasks also include marketing and public relations as well as setting up and managing tenant advertising associations. We take care of parking management and ensure that the technical quality of
the property is maintained. Where required, we develop space optimisation concepts and project manage any required revitalisation and conversion measures. We are committed to providing professional advice and support to tenants and owners even long before a centre opens its doors.