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Workplace Strategy

Contemporary concepts for your working environments.

Workplace Strategy develops strategic concepts for spatial working environments, supports their execution and looks after their use. Our aim is the customised adaptation of the spaces to the requirements of the different work processes. In the staff we see the most valuable asset of a business and would like to provide them with the general conditions that promote identity, creativity, communication and productivity. Herein lies in our opinion the greatest possible added value that spatial environment can offer a business.

Our work required continuous change and quality management. Working environments must be adaptable as people and processes change constantly. To guarantee that both are supported long-term and sustainably by the spatial environment we are there for our clients throughout all phases. In this way we can keep the translation of the strategic conception into a spatial environment on course beyond the launch and the maiden voyage also during the navigation in the utilisation phase that follows.

We are a globally networked team with around 200 staff who at 27 locations throughout the world combine an interdisciplinary knowledge transfer with knowledge of local markets and cultures and make it useful for our clients.