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Identifying opportunities for space optimisation with WorkSmart Readiness Diagnostic (WRD)

​​​​​​The WorkSmart Readiness Diagnostic (WRD) is a standardised tool we use to assist our clients with the optimisation and productive use of their office space demands. It measures the opportunities for potential savings through cost reduction and growth capacity as well as the employee’s readiness for change, to create a workplace for them that is configured most modern, flexible and smart.

The WRD is composed of two studies and a report. It combines the results from an all-staff web-based survey on work styles and office efficiency with a two-week survey which provides real-time measure of actual space usage. On this basis, we produce a customised report that indicates WorkSmart potential and makes recommendations. The results are a great starting point from which to e.g. look for custom-fit office spaces.

WorkSmart ultimately refers to a concept of space which assists the users of office spaces through a variety of work environments which go beyond the conventional desk and meeting room. This provides them with the most efficient support for their diverse work. Thus, the concept involves various sharing ratios to ensure an efficient space utilisation.

Clients which opt for a W​orkSmart concept on the basis of a WRD can usually reduce their real estate costs by 15 to 30 % while increasing the productivity as well as the satisfaction of their employees. The WRD requires comparatively limited resources, equipment or technology and provides the opportunity to identify significant potential for cost savings and to gain knowledge about which spaces currently work and which do not.