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Comprehensive investment advice for residential properties.

The management of housing assets has undergone considerable changes in recent years, resulting in a more diversified sector. On the one hand, this development is a function of changes in customer and demand structures on the tenant side, reflecting regional differences, more differentiated requirement profiles as well as general demographic trends.

At the same time, new actors have entered the market and many established housing providers have repositioned themselves. These changes on the supply side have equally had a significant impact on the market and the supply situation.

Moreover, the provision of housing remains exposed to political decision-making which can influence rental levels as well as the business missions of public housing corporations. Political decisions also determine the framework for market actors by setting energy efficiency standards for new and existing residential buildings.

JLL offers a wide range of residential property services. Our expertise extends from advice on housing portfolio transactions through to valuations and to strategic and operational advice for owners of residential property portfolios.

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