Kai Zimprich

CIO Germany and Northern Europe, Frankfurt, Germany

Technology Data and Information Management

I've now been with JLL for more than 18 years and it still "feels" good. I started as an undergraduate assistant and have written my master thesis for JLL in 2001. After that I worked as Research Analyst, as a Tenant Representation consultant for corporates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, became a personal assistant to the German CEO and supported him as Business Development Manager. I took over different management roles responsibilities over the last few years in Germany and EMEA, and as CIO of Germany and Northern Europe I am now in charge of the digital transformation of these regions. Although still with the company it feels as if I have worked for much more than one, because not only have I "evolved" over time, but also JLL has given me the degree of freedom required to convert ideas into opportunities or innovations –based on joint trust.