Client story

Historically good views in the heart of Dresden

Living, shopping and enjoying an exclusive location. HAUS POSTPLATZ is being created with unique retail perspectives in the middle of Dresden's world-famous sights.

Square Metres

6,200 sqm of retail space

Food and beverage

1,150 sqm of gastronomy


Opposite the Dresden-Zwinger Palace


38,000 people a day

The square in the center of the Saxon metropolis has been extensively redesigned since 2005. When the project developer FAY Projects GmbH acquires the property, the objective is clear: The area is to become a perfect place, a place that thrills people, that combines future and history, life and work, retail and culture.

Postplatz means for Dresden what Potsdamer Platz means for Berlin: a vibrant hub and center of life in the city center. Seven of twelve tram lines, and at night one bus and two tram lines meet at Postplatz. Sixteen tram lines pass the square. 24 hours operation. That means: more than 38,000 drop-in and drop-offs per day directly on site. Directly opposite the Dresden-Zwinger Palace, the square is one of the most frequented and most frequently photographed places in Dresden and is the gateway to the old town of the tourism metropolis between Semper Opera and the royal seat. To live, discover, marvel and shop!

How we worked together

"We have worked with the customer as a reliable partner at a high professional level."

Enrico Näther, Regional Manager Leipzig, JLL

HAUS POSTPLATZ combines all this in a special way. JLL Retail Leasing Leipzig was equipped with a qualified brokerage contract by the project company of FAY Projects GmbH, with which JLL has already successfully worked together on several occasions throughout Germany. Starting with sound and professional project documents to a lively exchange of information, the collaboration was very pleasant and constructive. For example, we advised the building owners and rental companies during the project. What is planned? Who plans how? Which tenants would the client like? Retail, office, hotel or living?

We researched and defined both commercial and private tenant potential and recommend retail with local amenities on the ground floor and first floor, as well as flats instead of a hotel on the upper floors, as rents are also rising in Dresden -as in all popular metropolises. Just as recommended, the implementation takes place.

Details on the HAUS POSTPLATZ: Timeless architecture that harmoniously blends into the cityscape, mixed urban concept of living and retail, 6,200 sqm of retail space, 1,150 sqm of gastronomy, 3,900 sqm of gym, 68 apartments including courtyard and a two-storey underground car park with 152 parking spaces. Completion of the building: second half of 2019.

In October 2018, we had already let 60% of the space – in the commercial sector, for example, to BioCompany, dm, REWE, Prager Bierstuben, COA and Fit One. When designing and marketing the retail space, everyone involved in the project benefits from the browser-based online tool and JLL's unique selling proposition JLL Retail Explorer, which provides the necessary data base to answer fundamental questions: Which tenant profiles are in question? Which rental prices are appropriate? The purposeful interpretation of the data is based on many years of experience and expertise.


Previously, cars and buses parked here. Now the area opposite the Dresden-Zwinger Palace becomes a lively place, offering historically good perspectives to residents, visitors and retailers in the heart of Dresden: Welcome to HAUS POSTPLATZ!