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Open, flexible office spaces for the “House of Communication”

The future of integrated communications receives an innovative new home: project development for the Serviceplan Group in a premium Munich location with creative workplace concept and fully integrated local amenities.

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Open Space Workplace Concept

1,450 staff spread out across 5 buildings – for a communication agency that thrives on open exchange, the office accommodation of the Munich group of agencies was no longer ideal. The workspaces need to adapt precisely to the changing needs of the young, creative teams of communication experts – both over the coming years and with growing staff numbers. The fit-out and design should also be an even stronger reflection of the Serviceplan brand as the ‘Best Brand Maker’. A flexible workspace concept that fosters innovation and collaboration was needed.

Hence the question: should Serviceplan convert and modernise the existing property, or move into a new workspace and thereby a new era of collaboration? A complex and far-reaching decision, particularly due to the many and varied challenges, however, the fundamental requirements are clear: an area of around 40,000 sqm in an easily accessible location, ultramodern IT infrastructure, limited time frame and a tight budget – all against the backdrop of a shortage of available space and rapidly increasing rents in Munich.

JLL – supporting you from the first analysis to the future-ready space

“To make such a far-reaching decision, you need a trusted partner by your side.”

Axel Schörner, Head of Purchase and Facility Management der Serviceplan Gruppe

The first step was to establish a robust basis for the decision, which meant finding the answers to key questions. How should use of space and internal fit-out be designed? What are the technical requirements? What reconversion obligations would arise if the group relocated? And many more. On this basis, we analysed both the option of remaining in the existing buildings and the market for suitable project developments. A major outcome of these analyses was the detailed requirement specification, which took all factors into account. Another was the rigorously reviewed conclusion that remaining in the existing accommodation is ultimately not a future-proof option for communication specialists with integrated work practices.

The focus now moved to the search for an appropriate project development. The goal: to bring all 1,450 staff in Munich together at an attractive location with optimal public transport connections and local amenities. 

We provided Serviceplan with a solid market analysis to facilitate comparing and evaluating relevant project developments, and created business plans and cash flow evaluations for various scenarios. We also cooperated closely to define a detailed tenant building specification, rethinking and optimising previous spatial planning in the process. Spatial master plans and sample layouts supported the architects from the beginning when designing customised workspaces. For two of the target properties, we performed detailed client-specific planning. This included, for example, changing room depths, providing terraces and outdoor spaces, developing flexible meeting zones and while ultimately saving construction costs combined with optimum use of space.

The ongoing preparation of all decision-making tools and their presentation to the committees and holding management of the Serviceplan Group complemented our consultancy and collaborative partnership.

Biggest office leasing deal in Munich since 2006

The market strategists’ anticipation is growing day by day. In 2022, the Serviceplan Group will move into their new communication hub, the “House of Communication” in the new factory district, which combines work, culture, lifestyle and residences in a premium urban location. A short distance from the Ostbahnhof and the trendy district of Haidhausen, the headquarters of the agency group will continue to satisfy new requirements for future decades thanks to their innovative features. Loft offices with flexible floor plans and high ceilings, loggias, outdoor garden spaces and rooftop terraces with views of the Alps – the holistically conceived Open Space concept with comprehensive local amenities and ideal transport connections provides staff and clients of the Serviceplan Group with a ground-breaking and attractive environment. In addition, there is also potential for expansion on the inspiring iCampus site.