Client story

Optimise processes with a clear objective, numerous workshops and external input

A global industrial corporation commissioned a review of its real estate processes. The result? A new process landscape. Transparent. Efficient. Market-driven.


2,000 sites
in 80 countries


Process optimisation


60 workshops & 50 processes

2,000 sites in 80 countries and more than a dozen building units. It comes as no surprise that a global industrial corporation of this size needs a dedicated business division to combine its real estate expertise. As part of company-wide process standardisation measures, the real estate processes were to be reviewed and documented again. Prior to this, they lacked transparency and deviated from the originally defined processes. Were the processes even still in line with the market? This was the question that the leading company in industrial and mechanical engineering put to JLL.

The real estate division wanted to use the opportunity to comprehensively review its own processes. The goal was to compare existing processes with standard market procedures and come up with new structures. The managers understood the importance of input from an outside source - a specialist with extensive real estate expertise. The remit was to review over 50 processes – from project management to transaction processes to facility management. After all, the entire process landscape was to be redefined

“We left no stone unturned – and built a completely new process landscape.”

Andreas Bussas, Head of Corporate Solutions, Germany

From detailed analysis to target processes that could be accepted by all.

At a two-day workshop, the JLL team presented various best-practice processes used by large companies as a benchmark. What processes does the market use for these types of tasks? How do comparable companies structure such tasks?

Our project team worked together with the real estate subsidiary’s management team and owner, the main company, to develop target processes for the various areas. In doing so, the client benefitted from the extensive knowledge of JLL’s specialist units and the expertise gathered in working with numerous national and international corporate real estate divisions. The client compared target processes with existing ones in-house to identify discrepancies. Where the gap between existing and target processes was particularly pronounced, the JLL team went into further detail, developing flow charts, task assignments and the required templates and documents.

Once this had been completed, the project team presented the new real estate processes to the various teams. Feedback gathered during the total of 60 workshops was used as the basis for the final revisions. Processes were discussed and readjusted until everything was perfect for every requirement.

A new, market-driven process landscape.

The client made the worthwhile decision to examine the entire landscape, with no aspect considered untouchable. The constructive approach and JLL’s extensive work paid off, with the new process landscape and over 50 processes given in-house approval by the client. They are currently being implemented: A new, market-driven process landscape that meets with great approval, also outside company headquarters.

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