Client story

Property Management with the magic cube

The JLL team solves the complex property management tasks at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin with care and grows beyond the core tasks of the client.

March 01, 2019



Potsdamer Platz


110,000 visitors daily


Office, Residential, Retail, Entertainment, Hotel

Potsdamer Platz is an area of distinctive skyscrapers and expressive contemporary buildings. Almost all buildings were built after the fall of the wall in the 1990s - where the death strip was previously. Today, Potsdamer Platz is one of the most frequented places in the German capital - with up to 110,000 visitors daily.

Brookfield Properties and a joint venture partner since 2015 belong to the central ensemble of 17 buildings. The first contact was made in a non-binding workshop: Brookfield wanted to know how the property management for the Potsdamer Platz could be achieved in terms of scale, structures, and effort.

Five different asset classes must be considered, which place different demands on property management: office, residential, retail, entertainment, hotel. One and a half years after the workshop, the tender of this highly demanding mandate followed. "We got the job because we went into the pitch with clearly distributed tasks and specifically named team members," says Rico Geisler, Team Leader Property Management. From the very beginning, he acted as an approachable expert and district manager to the customer.

Unobserved work in the public eye

"Our thoughts and solutions are intertwined as in the magic cube: complex but feasible."

Rico Geisler, Team Leader Property Management, JLL

With professional expertise and personal commitment, the 20-strong team has been managing the 17 buildings since the beginning of 2019. The order is as outstanding as the position of the objects: The characteristic Kohlhoff tower with its brick facade and the Renzo Piano glass high-rise - both with a strikingly triangular floor plan - are tourist attractions and enjoy special attention.

On the other hand, careful attention is needed in the entertainment buildings, including the Bluemax Theater of the Blueman Group, the Casino Berlin and the Theater at Potsdamer Platz, where the Berlinale and the Bambi Awards Ceremony are held. The residents of the neighborhood, some of them prominent, including ambassadors, want to be informed in good time about security measures or road closures. This is the responsibility of the property management, which ensures that the daily lives of the residents can continue undisturbed, among other things thanks to shuttle services in these exceptional situations.

The task is as complex as the structural connections of the objects: basement floors, arcades, covered pedestrian areas. "We look at all buildings and all five asset classes as a single entity for each question. Our thoughts and solutions are intertwined as in the magic cube: complex but feasible", says district manager Rico Geisler.

The decision-making processes are short and fast. The geographical proximity of the JLL team on site makes presence appointments a matter of course and the customer is always involved. The work of the 20-member team goes beyond traditional property management tasks: in addition to client accounting, lease management, utility bill and technical project management, JLL markets the area e.g. as a shooting location.

Effort and structures in mind

As a long-term partner, JLL has taken on the task of accompanying the changes of the coming years: One of the largest projects is to upgrade the outdoor facilities within two years in order to improve the quality of stay: roads are being relocated, pedestrian zones expanded, and facades redesigned. Meanwhile, an even larger project begins: The shopping arcades Potsdamer Platz will be redesigned from 2020. The property management experts around Rico Geisler have the scope, structures, and effort in mind.