Client story

Tight workload mastered thanks to realistic planning

130 properties valued


All over Germany

Square Metres

Almost 7.000.000 m²


6 months

"We would like to thank the entire JLL team for their collegial and excellent cooperation."

Customer feedback from pbb

The task: Valuation of 130 objects for a lender consortium within a tight time frame. The client, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, wanted to be able to reliably quantify the collateral for a loan. Most of the objects were properties that were to be upgraded through project developments. The workload for our valuation team was high - over a third more than average. Not only the sheer number of properties in different asset classes, but also the coordination with pbb as lender and Aurelis Real Estate as borrower required a well thought-out organization.

Weekly updates

We maintained close contact with both pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and the asset manager and project developer Aurelis Real Estate. Whether from pbb's Munich or Eschborn offices – the customer always had contacts in our offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg. We achieve efficient cooperation through a well thought-out matrix breakdown of the portfolio into regional clusters and sub-portfolios. We kept track of the 130 properties at all times with four reports at sub-portfolio level – not only internally, of course, but also for the customer.

The project team was also responsible for quality assurance before the valuations were made available in the coordinated data room provided by Aurelis Real Estate. We kept pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank regularly informed about the current status of the project on a weekly basis and as required – if desired, for each individual property.

Unfailing result

With strong team cohesion and the successful documentation for individual topics and object clusters, the cooperation was quick and direct. As a result, we were able to evaluate 130 properties within six months and deliver the 130 expertises, the portfolio report and the value overview on schedule.