Client story

Using the right structure to create a performing unit

Mergers, digitisation, transition: Banks are facing changes. This also impacts their structures. The Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG decided to restructure its real estate processes with the aim of reducing its costs by 35 percent.




Efficient processes


50 branches


Banks and retail


35% cost reduction

Real estate processes which work

Pressure on interest, regulation and digitisation are just some of the challenges faced by banks today. This also applies to the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG and its over 50 branches. The bank’s task was to react to this. Its managing directors began by digitising its core business step-by-step. The mergers with two other banks then further solidified the foundations for a bright future. Simultaneously, however, it quickly became apparent that the real estate processes also had to be reconsidered following these comprehensive changes to the core business. They were no longer what was required for the new environment. The portfolio lacked transparency, work flows were inefficient. In addition to this, when it came to service providers, every branch had a different solution and service and payment models. This was not only costing time and money, but also resulted in uncertainty among the staff. A new organizational structure was required.

JLL provided us with an outsider's point of view. Their excellent advice allowed us to exploit enormous potential for synergies.

Aline Hell, Head of Real Estate Management, Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG

A neutral perspective

The JLL consulting team examined the existing structures in detail, both from the neutral perspective of an outsider, as well as together with the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG. Service provider contracts were reviewed; current costs were compared to standard market prices and scenarios were developed to determine which services could be carried out in-house and which by external service providers. All with the goal of increasing the potential for synergies.

In addition to simultaneously reviewing and updating in-house organisational structures, a further task was to schedule a meeting with all involved parties. Several workshops were held so that real estate managers; facility managers; project developers and the bank’s property management department could contribute their points of view. The JLL consulting team provided an external perspective and collaborated with those involved to redefine the existing roles and responsibilities of employees and team leaders.

The goal was to create transparent, compliance-appropriate structures which would equip the bank for the future. Staff were also to be provided with the structures required to work productively.

Pooling services for greater efficiency

The ‘spring clean’ delivered results. The restructured, standardised real estate and service provider management system allowed the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG to exploit enormous potential for synergies. As a result, the number of service providers was reduced from over 10 to just one, also delivering financial results. Thanks to the bundling of services, costs for the provision of services fell by approximately 35 percent.

The new structures also paid off. Following the management board’s approval of the jointly developed real estate management organisation, staff began working in line with the work flows and roles which had been defined by all those involved - with significant improvements in efficiency, satisfaction and the working climate. A heterogeneous organisation characterised by mergers had become a performing unit.