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Project development consulting

Use our expertise to develop the right project idea and strategy. Our advice extends from initial location analyses to the final planning law stage. We check feasibility, develop use concepts and oversee architectural competitions.

Smart buildings

The future is smart - we assist you in implementing new technologies in your building and integrate already existing systems. Real-time data on building operation and use and the measures to be derived from that not only increases the efficiency of your portfolio, but also the productivity of the people working in it.

Capital planning

Plan the budget and funding of your project in advance, and calculate risks at the same time – in line with your business strategy and long-term corporate planning.

Technical Due Diligence

Assess the condition of building services and equipment, as well as the sustainability and value of your investments and real estate portfolio. We determine the quality, and analyse and quantify the necessary investments.

Sustainability services

Use your property to achieve your sustainability goals. We analyse your current balance and develop strategies for a reduced energy consumption and lower overheads. Or design and certify sustainably efficient buildings, which are already at this point in line with future standards.


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