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Explore the ways we help our clients find the perfect space for their business.
Workplace strategy

Redesign your working environments. We assist you in the process – with a workplace strategy tailored to your needs, which increases innovation and productivity. And develop a space and design concept for your premises. Matched with your corporate culture and the needs of your employees.

Create a vision for your workplace that fosters innovation and improves business performance. Design appealing, flexible spaces that reflect your culture and are suited to employees’ needs.

Project Management

Whether moving in, redesigning or optimising your buildings, we control the entire process in close collaboration with you and all the suppliers and service providers.

Design & fit-out

The internal appearance is the first, lasting impression and showpiece. We accompany your entire extension of space, from the blueprint to the calculation, right up to the final turnkey installation of the new fittings and fixtures. 

Occupancy planning

We measure and analyse how your employees use your building and derive recommendations and models for occupying your space. This not only effectively decreases costs, but promotes flexibility, cooperation and thus also productivity.

Sustainability services

Use your property to achieve sustainability targets. We analyse your current balance and develop strategies to reduce energy consumption and lower overheads. Or design sustainably efficient buildings and premises, which already meet future standards.

Retail Explorer

Potential analysis of your space with innovative technology and local expertise


Retail Explorer

The perfect space for your concept thanks to dynamic location analysis

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