Access real estate data, insights, and market intelligence from around the world to find commercial property and make the right decisions for your portfolio.

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Explore the ways we help our clients find the perfect space for their business.
Tenant representation

Find the right space for your workforce and business and sign or renew your lease negotiated under the best terms.

Transaction management

We assess your leasing obligations and analyse your current and future space requirements in order to develop a flexible portfolio strategy from this. Our on-site advisers coordinate local leasing decisions, secure good terms and conditions or handle terminations.

Portfolio Strategy

The correct decisions on locations and real estate can only be made by those who know the markets and local availability of specialists as well as the daily use of their own property by their own employees. We assist you with this – for appreciation in value and the future viability of your company. 

Business Location Consulting

Limit your possible locations. With the aid of precisely the variables which are of relevance to you – such as demography, connectivity, infrastructure, workforce pool, state or regional incentives as well as living expenses.

Occupancy planning

We measure and analyse how your employees use your building and derive recommendations and models for occupying your space. This not only effectively decreases costs, but promotes flexibility, cooperation and thus also productivity.

M&A strategy

Portfolios in the process of change need to be permanently analysed – for greater efficiency and fewer costs. We assist you in gathering rental and occupation data, analysing cost factors and ascertaining a changed requirement for space.

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Potential analysis of your space with innovative technology and local expertise

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