Shortlist space using market data, portfolio insights and innovative technology. 

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How well are you and your property placed with regards to investment, the use of space, operating performance and sustainability? We assist you in comparing your building or portfolios with similar companies, industries and portfolios worldwide.

Tenant Representation

Find the right space for your workforce and business and sign or renew your lease negotiated under the best terms. 

Business Location Consulting

We assess locations that are in line with your requirements and compare – also by means of virtual reality – the amount of space on offer, features, accessibility and the surrounding tenants, as well as lessor profiles. In the end, we produce a realistic short list for the final decision.

Co-working and Flexible space

More flexible working environments are particularly interesting when it comes to starting up in new locations, innovative networking or temporary project teams. Plan, together with us, when it is worth using flexible offers, develop a long-term strategy, and secure the best prices.

Business intelligence

Be one step ahead with smart data – we provide you with the tools to access exactly the data you need to find the property that is right for you, or to be able to leverage the frequently still unused potential of your portfolio and use rooms more efficiently, as well as reduce costs.

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The perfect space for your concept thanks to dynamic location analysis

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