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Explore the ways we help our clients find the perfect space for their business.
Lease Administration

Whether you have one or more leases - centralise the management of content, rent levels and lease terms. We have an overview of all that, agree new rent levels and contractual terms and conditions in good time, reduce costs and directly take up negotiations on your behalf when market circumstances change.

Tenant Representation

Find the right space for your workforce and business and sign or renew your lease negotiated under the best terms. 

Corporate Account Management

Are the costs, efficiency and performance of your portfolio in order? Manage your entire property portfolio from a single source. In the process, we support you with a specialised account management team.

Business and economic incentives

Secure business and economic incentives to reduce costs during expansion, relocation or lease renegotiations. We will be happy to highlight the options for you.

Co-working and Flexible space

More flexible working environments are particularly interesting when it comes to starting up in new locations, innovative networking or temporary project teams. Plan, together with us, when it is worth using flexible offers, develop a long-term strategy, and secure the best prices.

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