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Research Consultancy

Make well-founded investment decisions based on the latest market research, location data and realistic forecasts and scenarios. 

Portfolio Diversity

Take advantage of market cycles and emerging market opportunities with a diversified portfolio strategy. 

Sustainability Services

Use your property to achieve sustainability targets. We analyse your current balance and develop strategies to reduce energy consumption and lower overheads. Or design sustainably efficient buildings and premises, which already meet future standards.

Risk Management

We ascertain and quantify the risk associated with your portfolio and develop a risk management strategy to achieve your goals. 

Increase of Asset Value

Increase return on investment and capital appreciation by investing in assets that are stable in the long term and not sensitive to cyclical fluctuations.

Technical Due Diligence

Maximise the efficiency of your buildings. We check the structural and technical condition of your property and determine its use under planning law. From this, we derive the corresponding catalogues of works, refurbishment concepts and changes of use.

Capital Markets

See the world differently.


For which investors is Leasehold suitable? What is the value of leaseholds? 

All answers in the report Leaseholds in Major German Cities.


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