Uncover the real value of your property or portfolio.

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Decide on the best way to fund your property investment – based on detailed market data, assessments as well as options and strategies derived from this.


Realistic selling prices and successful marketing are based on measurable criteria. We determine the actual value of your property or portfolio – for any asset class and at any location. 

Feasibility and market studies

We conduct feasibility studies and market surveys – prior to and during the purchasing procedure, and highlight the best solutions with regard to the scope of the project, the design and anticipated returns.

Strategic Asset Management

Increase the value of your property or portfolio – both during ongoing operations and with new projects or extensions. We assist you in optimising performance. In the short or medium term. And also permanently, should you wish to outsource your asset management, either in full or partially.

Risk Analysis

We ascertain and quantify the risk associated with your portfolio and develop a risk management strategy, in order to ensure that the goals you have set are achieved.

Due Diligence

Analyse property values while considering fiscal aspects and ensuring compliance.

Capital Markets

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For which investors is Leasehold suitable? What is the value of leaseholds? 

All answers in the report Leaseholds in Major German Cities.


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