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Smart Buildings

The future is smart - we assist you in implementing new technologies in your building and integrate already existing systems. Real-time data on building operations and use, and the measures to be derived from this data, not only increases the efficiency of your portfolio, but also the productivity of the people working in it.

Lease Administration

Whether you have one or more leases - centralise the management of content, rent levels and lease terms. We have an overview of all that, agree new rent levels and contractual terms and conditions in good time, reduce costs and directly take up negotiations on your behalf when market circumstances change.

Occupancy planning

We measure and analyse how your employees use your building and derive recommendations and models for occupying your space. This not only effectively decreases costs, but promotes flexibility, cooperation and thus also productivity.

Workplace Strategy

Redesign your working environments. We assist you in the process – with a workplace strategy tailored to your needs, which increases innovation and productivity. And develop a design concept for your premises. Matched with your corporate culture and the needs of your employees.

Sustainability Services

Use your property to achieve your sustainability targets. We analyse your current balance and develop strategies for a reduced energy consumption and lower overheads. Or design sustainably efficient buildings, which are already at this point in line with future standards.

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