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Occupancy planning

We measure and analyse how your employees use your building and derive recommendations and models for occupying your space. This not only effectively decreases costs, but promotes flexibility, cooperation and thus also productivity.

Smart Buildings

The future is smart - we assist you in implementing new technologies in your building and integrate already existing systems. Real-time data on building operations and use, and the measures to be derived from this data, not only increases the efficiency of your portfolio, but also the productivity of the people working in it.

Engineering & operations

Technology, maintenance, ongoing costs - ensure efficient operating of your buildings. We assist you in the process with digital tools and employees directly on site or visiting your premises as required, in order to provide proactive maintenance and be able to respond quickly in the event of any deficiencies.

Sustainability services

Use your property to achieve your sustainability targets. We analyse your current balance and develop strategies for a reduced energy consumption and lower overheads. Or design sustainably efficient buildings which already meet future standards.

Integrated Facilities Management

Deploy new technological solutions to reduce your overheads, increase efficiency with regard to energy and building utilisation and thus create a workplace that stands for maximum productivity.

Building Consultancy

Improve the CO2 balance of your building or portfolio - we assess past and present energy data and, with an eye on utilities companies and energy invoices, develop an effective strategy for more sustained and cost-effective energy management.

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