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Technology strategy

Increase the power and efficiency of your properties - for operations as well as management and processes. We ascertain your need for investment, find the right software and synchronise all systems.

Diagnostics & rescue

We review and optimise existing technologies and software in order to increase the efficiency of your property – including new processes and training events.

Business intelligence

Consolidate all your property data in order to visualise developments and be able to anticipate and thus respond proactively. We assist you in setting up data governance.

Smart Buildings

The future is smart - we assist you in implementing new technologies in your building and integrate already existing systems. Real-time data on building operations and use, and the measures to be derived from this data, not only increases the efficiency of your portfolio, but also the productivity of the people working in it.

Internet of things

Install intelligent technologies to create appealing and efficiently running working environments and processes using networked devices and sensors.

Workplace - Powered by Human Experience.


Retail Explorer

Potential analysis of your space with innovative technology and local expertise


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