Coworking - Just hype or on the way to becoming an established office concept?


Analysis of Flexible Workspace, for example in Hamburg

Coworking is a hot topic in the German real estate market. The combination of the trend towards new models in the world of work and the diversity of players working together under the heading "collaboration" is en-route to becoming even better established. It’s time to take a more detailed look at the market. Our report informs you about the coworking concept, provides an insight into the Hamburg property market and answers the question "Coworking or a self-contained office?"

Contents at a glance

- Coworking, business centre or hybrid model – flexible workspace manifests itself in various ways. What are the advantages and differences?

- Hamburg as an important coworking city - operators, prices and preferred locations.

- Coworking or self-contained office - what is more worthwhile? A cost comparison.

- Coworking and the office property - what are the challenges facing operators and investors? How is the market developing?