JLL European Living Investor survey

What’s the investor appetite in 2020?

Our latest European Investor Survey analyses the current investor appetite for Living asset class (student housing, affordable housing, coliving, multifamily and healthcare) across Europe. Read our 2020 European Living report now.

April 02, 2020

Living is now the second largest real estate sector in Europe, accounting for €73bn of investment across the continent in 2019.

Building on last year’s report where we sought to understand global investment appetite into European Living assets (student housing, coliving, multifamily, affordable housing and healthcare), this year’s report identifies critical shifts in the attitudes and intentions of investors in this space.

Our recent findings demonstrate that appetite for Living investment continues to grow across the continent and sub-sectors, with investors focusing on sustainable assets.

This year’s survey brings further transparency of the challenges and opportunities in this market, enabling investors to make informed decisions.

Key results from the 2020 survey include:
  • Appetite for Living investment is growing across the continent and sub-sectors 
  • Over two thirds of investors have ambitions to expand into new European markets (69%) and new Living sub-sectors (67%)
  • Respondents believe Living investment volumes will grow in 2020 following stabilisation in 2019 
  • Coliving is the sub-sector set most likely to benefit from this growth, with 95% of investors expecting to see more liquidity in the coming year
  • Almost all (94%) investors believe that future Living investment will be focused on sustainable assets 
  • Most investors view the value of sustainable assets in terms of retaining their value (87%) and future proofing returns (83%).



The 2020 JLL European Living Investor Survey was open for responses from early December 2019 until 31st January 2020, before the outbreak of Covid-19. The subsequent spread of the virus across the globe and Europe has caused widespread economic and social disruption, with serious but as yet uncertain impacts on Living real estate investment. JLL Research is monitoring these effects and will be reporting on market impacts as they emerge.